Churchill's bars welcome fall with new cocktail menu – Downtown Devil

Two bars located in The Churchill, Brill Line and So Far So Good, dropped 16 new fall-inspired cocktails on Thursday.
The Churchill, located on First and Garfield streets, is home to ten local businesses that share a courtyard creating a gathering space for the community.
So Far So Good which mainly focuses on cocktails with a few selections of canned beer and wine.
The bar manager Justin Arellano and lead bartender Alex Dvorak collaborated in making ten new drinks for this new autumn inspired cocktail menu. The menu changes with each coming season.
“We are excited for it to come out. It’s been a while since we made changes,” said Arellano. “We’ve had this menu for two seasons now. We have a lot of repeat customers that want the same drinks and they are going to be sad to see it go, but there is going to be something for everyone.”
Arellano and Dvorak curated each cocktail to be reminiscent of the deep fall harvest and holiday season while still trying to keep a light and refreshing element to the drinks in order to complement the Arizona heat.
“We have gone as far as infusing spirits with some of those spices and we are using pears right now, we did like a spice pear Tom Collins and it comes with a spice pear liqueur, vodka and lemon. It’s still light and refreshing but you still have those festive spice flavors,” said Arellano.
So Far So Good also has some interesting cocktail names such as “Pop, Lock and Drop”. When asked how they come up with such unique cocktail names, they said that they tend to take a collaborative approach, according to Arellano. They will ask Churchill workers, family, friends and patrons.
The Brill Line is Churchill’s day-time bar, mainly specializing in spirits and draft beers that rotate throughout the season. They are also coming out with a selection of six new cocktails after almost a year and will continue to keep one classic drink on the menu.
Chaz Enciso, the bar director for both So Far So Good and the Brill Line said, “It’s a full swap, we have one cocktail that is staying on, from the last season, the ‘Sandia Szn’ which is a watermelon margarita. It has tajin and tarmin. It’s a play on Mexican candy.”
Brill Line’s new cocktail names are all based on the Brill Line trolley system that used to run through Phoenix, named after Fredrick Brill.
“So for ‘Conductor cap’ the conductor of the trolley, ‘old pueblo cane train’ is the rum and bourbon old fashioned we are doing, the bourbon itself is from tucson. The Tusons’ old trolley system was called ‘old pueblo,’” said Enciso.
Each drink at the Brill Line has local flair to it, and since the start of COVID-19 they will now be introducing artisanal ice to customers.
“We have this local ice company that we work with and they make these large, sexy, ice cubes,” said Enciso. We have them coming back.”
Likewise, games such as corn hole and darts have made a comeback to the Brill Line, according to Enciso. They have happy hour on weekdays from 11am – 7pm, closed Mondays, and have Arizona State University student night, which offers students 15% off drinks 7pm – 12 am.
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